Make Money from Bees

Oparah Adaugo Chioma  This article will expose you to how to make money from our wonderful social insects, bees. And before I proceed, I will like you to have some background knowledge of bees. Bees are social insects that live in a

8 Simple Ways to Improve your Business

Rois Ola As a business person seeking success, revenue increase and improved productivity, you must make consistent effort to enhance your business, maintain business visibility and achieve sustainability. Simple things like

Value Added Tax; what you should Know

Muyiwa Mogaji Small business owners are often faced with what to do when it comes to regulatory matters, especially on issues like tax remittances, obtaining licences and permits, and preparing CAC’s annual returns. It is most advisable

Understanding Intellectual Property

Godwin Amadi There are several reasons businesses proper.  One of them is having a competitive advantage in form of unique ideas, innovations or superior creative prowess. This advantage can be infringed on if businesses do not take

The Currency of Life

Gbenga Adebayo “It takes a community to raise a child” – An African Proverb There is a paradox at play in these times. We are in the age of globalization when everyone in the world is arguably more connected than ever before. The

Financial Statements for Small Businesses

Temitope Adeyemo An enterprise whether small or large can be measured using different performance metrics. Financial statements are like a report card that shows how healthy a company is. There are three basic statements- balance sheet,

7 Reasons SMEs get Loans

Why should SMEs get loans? The truth is that Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a big role in the economy. Although these SMEs grow in numbers, there are major setbacks such as lack of adequate capital and funding. As a business

Meet Nike Majekodunmi, CEO Nuts About Cakes

Nike Majekodunmi is the CEO of "Nuts About Cakes" and a mother of 3 kids. Her family life impacts how she conducts business. She’s been married for 13-years and is blessed with a boy and two girls. Nike started as a baker/decorator