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7 KPIs to Track as an SME in Nigeria

One of the best ways to measure the progress of your business is to track KPIs. With KPIs, you can always keep your business objectives in view. Tracking KPIs also help you work with a clear focus. The question most SMEs in Nigeria ask is,

10 Startup Ideas For Nigerians

Many Nigerians today desire to start profitable businesses; however, a lot of people struggle with finding the right startup ideas. Having a small or medium enterprise in Nigeria is not a herculean task; below startup ideas in Nigeria to

What is the Business Model Canvas?

How would it feel if you could fit your whole business plan into a page? Did you just scream impossible? Well, it is possible when you make use of a business model canvas. Business Model Canvas According to Strategyzer, the

How MSMEs can register with SMEDAN

Recently, SMEDAN launched a mass registration program for MSMEs nationwide. The aim is to provide support to small and medium scale enterprises within the country. It is expected to provide SMEDAN with a comprehensive list of MSMEs to