September 2, 2020

Problems of Logistics Facing SMEs in Nigeria

SMEs in Nigeria face several problems such as raising capital and dealing with bigger competitors. It is interesting to note that logistics remains one of the biggest challenges that SMEs face. This problem is not local to Nigeria, rather, it is one that SMEs all over the world battle with. When you have a clear […]

July 27, 2020

10 ERP Software for Small Business Owners in Nigeria

There are more than 37.07 million SMEs in Nigeria. This number accounts for over 84% of the jobs in the country. When you consider this, you see several reasons why small businesses should invest in ERP software. MSMEs are bound to enjoy so many benefits from ERP software. This is because these software help in […]

June 25, 2020

Fastest Emerging Online Businesses in Nigeria

The global pandemic has led to many new online businesses in Nigeria emerging and making old ones going stronger than ever.  With an outbreak that requires less physical contact with people, many brands have pivoted to new ways of doing business, either by offering a new service or product closely related to their brand to […]

June 9, 2020

7 Steps to Starting A VTU Business in Nigeria

Are you young and ready to work? Are you ready to earn some extra income? How about starting up a business with little capital that can bring you profits in a short while? Ever heard of VTU (Virtual Top-Up) Business? With very little investments, you can start your Virtual Top Up business and generate steady […]

May 24, 2020

Google My Business and its Importance for Small Businesses Owners

With new traction in the digital world, the small businesses springing up every day are taking advantage of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to build their online presence and to gain new leads.  As a small business owner, leveraging on any online tool is an easy and cost-effective way to increase your business […]

safety tips for business owners
May 1, 2020

Safety Tips for Business Owners While Navigating the Online Scene

I believe that before we can begin to give safety tips we must at least have an understanding of the topic in question. The online scene for the purpose of this article refers to social media and internet. Businesses now thrive online and as a business owner who plans to delve into this online market […]

by admin
February 4, 2020

Seven Common Mistakes An Online Startup Business Should Avoid

Daniel Ogiku The internet has continued to define the way businesses are run. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see businesses whose models are purely online driven. With the aid of web tools and applications, business transactions have become seamless, eliminating the need to move from one place to the other or having to interact […]

by admin
September 24, 2019

Ten Social Media Marketing Tools For Your Online Business

Daniel A. Ogiku Social Media has become an essential part of our daily lives. As a result, more and more SMEs are gradually becoming aware of the importance of social media networks as a platform to reach their target audience. Social media marketing is the process of using social media platforms to engage, connect with […]

by admin
September 17, 2019

Seven Important Information you must have on your Website

Favour Onyeoziri While businesses can afford to be selective with the social media platforms they are on, they have no such luxury when it comes to owning a website. It is a necessity. I usually refer to a website as a virtual office, one which is probably more important than your physical office, as people […]

by admin
July 9, 2019

Six Social Media Habits You Must Avoid As A Business

Favour Onyeoziri By now we all know that Social Media is no longer just a place where people go to pass time. It has grown to become a powerful tool also for the growth of businesses. While joining the social media bandwagon may be good for your business, there are important dos and don’ts that […]

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