September 22, 2021

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing

There are so many reasons why your business needs content marketing. Constantly clamoring to grab the attention of prospective customers, small businesses are competing with a lot of noise.  In today’s digital economy, content marketing is possibly the most effective way for your company to reach out to both current and potential clients.  Content marketing […]

September 16, 2021

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for your Business

Are you planning to create a content marketing strategy for your business but don’t know how? According to research in 2020, about 63% of businesses don’t have their content marketing strategy documented. The remaining 37% with well-documented content marketing strategies are more successful. We leave the success of our businesses to luck when we run […]

September 8, 2021

Top 5 social media marketing strategies for SMEs in Africa

Would you like to know the latest social media marketing strategies for SMEs in Africa? As a business owner, you probably spend so much time seeking the latest social media marketing strategies. And it’s not without reason. There are nearly twice as many active social media users today as there were only five years ago. […]

September 1, 2021

5 Benefits of using SMS Marketing for your Business

Have you started to tap the benefits of SMS marketing for your business? We know that sending an SMS is a personal way to connect with friends and family. But do you know it can also be an effective business tool to connect with your customers and increase your ROI?  As a business owner, you […]

August 27, 2021

Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for SMEs in Africa

What are the top digital marketing strategies for SMEs in Africa? Digital Marketing has become an indispensable part of the overall marketing mix of small businesses in Africa. This type of marketing refers to all forms of marketing done through digital platforms.  Businesses, regardless of size or industry, now employ digital marketing to increase brand […]

August 26, 2021

Top 5 Free Google Tools for SMEs in Africa

Imagine for a minute what the internet would be like without Google. Quite a difficult one honestly speaking. By providing tons of free Google tools for SMEs, business owners can now run their businesses hassle-free. All it takes is access to the right business tool and at the right time. Below is a list of […]

August 16, 2021

5 ways to sell an unknown brand

How do you sell an unknown brand? It is more difficult in an already saturated market where there is no newness and so many similarities. Today’s consumer puts value on the uniqueness of a brand more than its product. Finding customers is one of the most difficult challenges for an unknown brand.   Having a great […]

August 13, 2021

Top 10 Low-cost Marketing Strategies For Startups

Are you in search of low-cost marketing strategies for startups? One thing a couple of startups share in common is a tight startup budget. However, your business can be an exception with the help of some effective, low-cost marketing strategies. This means that you get to market your products and services to prospective customers without […]

August 5, 2021

5 Benefits of Clubhouse to your Business

Do you know about the benefits of Clubhouse to your business?  Clubhouse is making waves as the next big social media platform with around 2 million weekly users since its debut in March 2020.  So what is the Clubhouse app? What are the benefits of Clubhouse to a business owner or entrepreneur?  This article will […]

August 4, 2021

How to Sell Yourself as a Young Entrepreneur

How do you sell yourself as a young entrepreneur? Sometimes young entrepreneurs believe that a great idea is all it takes to build a successful business. They minimize their importance and solely focus on growing and expanding their business. While this is good, there is a better strategy.  Selling yourself is just as important as […]

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