Qualcomm® Make in Africa Startup Mentorship Program

Qualcomm® Make in Africa Startup Mentorship Program

January 20, 2023 0

Helping African startups bring their innovations to the market

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As the first initiative of its kind in Africa, this equity-free mentorship program will identify promising early-stage startups keen on applying advanced connectivity and processing technologies to innovative end-to-end systems solutions, including hardware, and provide these companies with business coaching, access to engineering consultation for product development, and guidance on protecting intellectual property.


  • Mentorship: Receive mentorship from Qualcomm leaders on a regular cadence and Guide startups to product realization.
  • Skilling: Masterclasses on product management, pitch clinic, IPR, hardware architecture.
  • Visibility: Demo day with the startup ecosystem and an opportunity to connect with various industry leaders, VCs, investors, and other accelerators

Source: https://vc4a.com/qualcomm/make-in-africa/

Adzer Iwanger
Adzer Iwanger
Adzer Esther Iwanger
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