The Female Founders

The Female Founders

November 28, 2022 0

Are you a female founder or co-founder of a business based in Africa?

  • Do you want your business to reach the next stage?
  • Do you aspire to grow your business reach?
  • Do you aspire to achieve substantial growth?
  • If so, the  Female Founder Program is the right place for you!

The program aims to help you to develop your entrepreneurial mindset, acquire adequate skills, understand the market, grow your reach, and pitch your business to investors.

The program is designed to holistically support African female founders in their entrepreneurial journey, using the lean and agile methodology as a driver, focusing on running experiments to facilitate growth, and allowing a safe space to fail and to learn along 3 months.

The platform – Offering

Female founder

A portal where participants will get access to the timeline, sessions, and resources. To go through a fully digital acceleration program curated specifically for female founders.


A portal that allows businesses to subscribe for training and mentorship sessions for a group of their female employees. Mostly related to innovation, digital transformation, and entrepreneurship.

Community portal

A portal that allows community members to interact with each other, write articles, ask for support, or request calls with our community experts.

Freemium portal

Resources, opportunities, and videos free and available for all.

Target audience

The targets are female founders of startups or SMEs based in the continent of Africa who:

Age: Are aged between 25-40. Globally, younger women (ages 25-44) had the highest

entrepreneurial participation rates.

Degree: Have at least finished 3 years of university. No specific background.

Activity: Operate in the African continent in any industry.

Market share: Have made an initial revenue with their product/service that’s already on the


Level of growth: Inadequate cash flows that do not fit the level of growth and forecasted

revenues. Require more tools and resources to upgrade human capital capacities to tackle recent

market challenges and hence upgrade the entity’s positioning.

Require Founders: In the case of not being able to manage/ lead the entity or if the management

team does not acquire all the skills needed, the leader can make the decision of choosing new

individuals to whom part of the work would be outsourced.


Adzer Iwanger
Adzer Esther Iwanger
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