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A platform built for young entrepreneurs and developers to build their ideas into sustainable solutions. AI Builders Garage is a life-long alliance built around a community for people to come to time and time again for support, guidance, and unification. Participant, Learn, and Play! AI Builders Garage is made of 3 components: Youth Entrepreneurship, AI Sustainable Hackathon, and Community!

Youth Entrepreneurship

Demonstrate how AI can be leveraged to solve different challenges in business. We are currently accepting applications from aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals that can demonstrate how AI can be leveraged to solve different challenges in business.  Applicants can choose between existing public business portfolios or new and creative business plans. Gain the opportunity to build your use cases and present them at the FAI Summit in front of top industry investors and venture capitalists!

Sustainable AI Hackathon

Build an AI Model or AI Solution addressing sustainability and present your innovation in front of the world’s top industry leaders, investors, and venture capitalists. Your solution may have the potential to touch the lives of others through the alliance of technology, business, and sustainability. Shortlisted candidates will display the upgrading and customization of AI Models to meet individual, specific businesses or government systems to present at the FAI Summit live!


Join a community full of  Developers, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals from all professions who collaborate on projects to creatively solve identified problems through Tech and AI. Build your skills, connections, and career!



Adzer Iwanger
Adzer Iwanger
Adzer Esther Iwanger
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