5 Top Invoicing Tools for SMEs in Africa

5 Top Invoicing Tools for SMEs in Africa

August 29, 2022 0

Invoicing tools help to make running your business easier. Here are some important tools you can consider adding to your list.

No matter where you are in the world, starting a small business is a challenging task. More so in Nigeria, where several factors come into play. However, regardless of location, having the necessary business skills and resources is only one of several needs for success. Other factors include collaborations, product-market fit, and marketing. More critical than financing is how the money received is used; probably most important is how finances are managed and tracked.

Ever heard about invoicing apps? They are ideal for issuing payment receipts. Also, they signify that the business is preparing to make a sale or has made a business transaction. More expenses are the last thing your small business needs. But it is not inevitable, which is why keeping track of invoices is crucial.   

Top Invoicing Tools for SMEs in Africa

Invoicing tools make it simple and accurate to handle your accounts. You need an easy-to-use invoicing solution that looks good and functions flawlessly. More than anything else, it should securely track your work.  We’ll look at the top five invoicing tools available today in this article. 

5 Top Invoicing Tools for SMEs in Africa
Invoicing tools help to avoid unnecessary errors


Zoho was established in 2018. The aim was to offer a fully configurable invoicing solution for companies of all sizes.

It is a powerful accounting tool designed for small enterprises with fewer than five clients. This tool helps them in invoicing and billing their clients. The platform provides end-to-end accounting facilities to deal with tedious and aggravating aspects of a business. Some of these aspects include raising sales orders and issuing invoices.

A client portal is another feature of the program. It enables you to easily contact your clients. Zoho Books is one of the simpler, more approachable options on this list. It has a user-friendly UI and a reliable mobile application. However, it still has some drawbacks, such as a dearth of resources for payroll management. Additionally, the free plan limits your access to advanced features. 

While you unwind, Zoho Invoice efficiently helps you manage your invoices. It is ideal for time monitoring, cost tracking, invoice tracking, and sending reminders. In addition to a free invoice generator, Zoho Invoice now includes free estimates, income tax, expenditure reports, revenue forecasting, and SKU generators. 

Quick Books

QuickBooks is among the most popular business invoicing programs. This is because of the significant value it offers its users.

It helps you keep track of your finances and eliminates errors that can occur with manual invoicing. You may edit bills, send automated invoices, and take preventive measures for your business from your QuickBooks dashboard. Also, you can monitor your expenses and financial resources using this platform.


FreshBooks is specifically for tracking invoicing for small businesses and freelancers. Its main focus is time and cost management. You also have the option of sending a paper copy or an email with customized invoices.

There is so much you can accomplish professionally and securely with FreshBooks. From online invoicing to Late Payment Reminders and so on. It allows you to set up billing schedules automatically. Also, it helps you to collaborate without any hassle, and offers a ton of other incredible features.


Xero is gaining popularity among business owners worldwide, and many SMEs are using it.

In essence, Xero streamlines all of your accounting and bookkeeping processes. With this, it enables you to keep track of your revenue, paid and unpaid invoices, and even automate operations. This allows you to maintain your accounting while concentrating on your business. Additionally, you can use Xero to compute your sales tax, deduct expenditures, collect payments, and send invoice reminders. You can also link it with your company’s bank for in-the-moment analytics.

The user interface is perhaps the most user-friendly and straightforward. This makes navigating through the financial information underlying your company’s operations enjoyable rather than difficult.


Sage accounting software is made to help all kinds of organizations, whether they are smaller SMEs or larger ones. It makes it simple to create reports, view your financial information, and handle VAT and foreign payments. You can also keep up with changes in financial regulations, and much more. 

This platform allows you to share a lot of information and in-depth reports with your clients and customers. The main reason for this is that it is cloud-based. Another major selling point for Sage is that it is quick and simple to set up and use. Additionally, Sage is renowned for having excellent customer support, which is a massive plus.


A solid invoice is more than simply a sales receipt; it’s also a legal record that safeguards your company from mistakes and risks. You may enhance your cash flow, simplify your bookkeeping, and optimize your invoicing process with the correct tools. Any company stuck in the stone age of invoicing may easily modernize with a mobile-friendly SaaS invoicing system.

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