How To Sell To A Logical Customer

How To Sell To A Logical Customer

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August 18, 2022 0

How do you convince a logical customer to patronize your brand? This post will show you a few tips.

“Give me a reason, and I will believe.”

Business owners seek to provide solutions that meet the needs of their customers. As a result, they raise customers’ quality of life as they use these products. Customers have had bad experiences when products don’t fulfill the promises of the manufacturers. Because of this, customers have become very logical before making purchases. They want to be very sure what they buy will deliver its promise. No one wants to make a second or third purchase of substitute products to provide the needed benefit.

How to Persuade a Logical Customer

How To Sell To A Logical Customer
Work hard to convince a logical customer to make them happy

Mention customers like them that have been served

Customers belong to a certain class and are related whether by age, social status, work environment, exposure, place of residence, and many more. Mentioning previous patronages convinces new customers of value. It then becomes necessary to collect testimonials of previous users of your products or services. Doing this allows you to leverage their testimonies to convince a logical customer. 

Logical customers belong to the bracket of those who have the money to spend but want assurance before payment. Their network is also robust. As such, when they make referrals, their friends could become a customer segment with continuous demand. 

You also need to collect testimonials for display on your website or social media channels. Such content could be in the form of text with a picture of the customer. The benefit of video content is that it builds trust almost immediately. All we need to do is to watch the body language of those being presented to us. These clips can go from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Strings of Conversation

Customers usually ask for procedures for using a product when they are unsure. Take advantage of this conversation and provide them with the necessary information. Ensure you always keep records of conversations, whether calls or text messages. This is not just for monitoring and improvement. It is also helpful for reaching customers who are skeptical about your products or services. Great customers would always give feedback in the form of “thank you” upon satisfaction. You can display these strings of conversations from when they needed help to when the issue was resolved. Such conversations also prove that you are trustworthy.

Offer a discount that they are willing to pay

Customers have been ripped off their hard-earned monies and would only part with something that they are willing to lose. Your goal here is the long-term and overall change of perspective of the customer. As such, you should drop the short-term profitability thinking and indulge in securing these customers by altering their belief system. 

The truth is that you are not familiar with these customers. As such, they have no reason to trust your brand. What makes your brand different from those they patronized in the past? Now is your chance to change that narrative and offer them jaw-dropping discounts. Such discounts could be from 30%-50% or even free if it is not a high-priced item.

Offer them complimentary services for free

Customers have additional needs apart from what they intend to purchase. They often let go of these additional needs because of the extra cost. Asides from the discount you give, you can offer these complimentary services for free. Note that you shouldn’t come across as desperate while doing this. 

We should bear in mind that the goal is to win the customer. However, customers have the ability to make a choice of whether to come back or not. Your goal is to continue to be in business for a customer, whether they are logical or not. This means that you must focus on serving them as individuals and not as a group.

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He is the Chief Executive Officer at Abuja Data School.

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