Digilogic Challenges – 2022

Digilogic Challenges – 2022

May 9, 2022 0

Do you have an innovative idea to address smart logistics challenges in Africa?

Apply to DIGILOGIC Challenges to:

  • Participate in a 3-day Bootcamp in Europe with relevant experts
  • Enjoy 12 months of support (85 hours) from technology, business and logistics experts from Europe and Africa.
  • Have 12 months of access to Digital Innovation Hubs facilities in Africa and Europe (up to 85 hours)
  • Enjoy marketing support to meet investors and uptakers

Successful proposals will Get

Successful proposals will participate in a 12-month program beginning with a three-day boot camp, which is followed by:

  • Up to 85 hours of access to Digital Innovation Hubs’ (DIH) facilities in Africa and Europe.
  • Up to 85 hours of tailored mentoring/coaching/peer support.
  • Opportunities to connect with innovation networks and large companies

Eligibility criteria

  • Impact Potential: an actual user problem is solved and can potentially be scaled.
  • Development Stage: idea-stage startups to scale-stage startups – all are invited (mentoring will be co-designed to suit stage and focus).
  • Role of Technology: social innovation is as important as technical innovation.
  • Motivation/Team Fit: Entrepreneurial drive and fit with selection criteria.
  • Gender Mainstreaming Principles will be applied: each team should have female participant(s).
  • Applications from African, European, African / European teams are welcome (teams from one continent will be connected with the other continent during the Bootcamp and subsequent activities).
  • Applications accepted from Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Finland, Germany, and Italy. Also, from Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.
  • At least one team member should have some English language skills.
  • At least two members should be able to commit to full participation in the program.

Source: https://vc4a.com/eu-digilogic/smart-logistics-challenges/

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