7 Reasons Why Your SEO Campaigns are Failing

7 Reasons Why Your SEO Campaigns are Failing

October 26, 2021 0

Any business that wants to have a long-term online presence should invest in SEO campaigns. We’ll go through seven reasons why your SEO campaigns might be failing in this article.

SEO trends are always shifting, making it difficult for marketers to stay on top of them. However, the value of your consumer persona searching for you through organic search is the one constant here. 

It is not enough to just establish a search engine optimization strategy for your company. You’ll need more than a strategy to improve your website’s rankings and get it to the first page of search engine results. Even if you’ve been working on an SEO strategy simultaneously, there’s a good chance it won’t work for you or produce the results you want.

SEO initiatives fail because expectations are too high, budgets are too low, decisions are made based on assumptions rather than data. We must also not rule out the fact that companies are oblivious of customer expectations. 

7 Reasons Why Your SEO Campaigns Are Failing 

In this section, we will discuss a few reasons why your SEO campaigns are failing.

7 Reasons Why Your SEO Campaigns are Failing
SEO Campaigns can fail for several reasons

Optimizing for the Wrong Keywords

One of the reasons why your SEO Campaign might be failing is optimizing for the wrong keywords. In an ideal world, you’ve engaged an agency or a professional to run your campaign, and they’ve chosen the best keywords after conducting significant keyword research. However, if you choose your keywords based on what you “think” your clients are looking for without validating with real data, your campaign will likely not employ the proper keywords. 

To ensure you’re optimizing for the proper keywords, use a trustworthy keyword research tool to analyze keyword data and determine what keywords your (successful) competitors are using.

Your Content is Not Quality

Not posting quality content might also be one of the reasons why your SEO campaign is failing. Your posts should be related to your brand and the promises you make to your customers. Don’t keep filler or fluff stuff solely to fill up space. 

Make certain that whatever you post is unique and free of plagiarism. The writing should be educational, grammatically correct, and beneficial to the audience. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and don’t deceive your readers. You can’t trick Google, and even if your website receives traffic, you’ll experience significant bounce rates and short on-site duration.

Your Website Experience is Poor

There’s more to SEO than onsite optimization and inbound links. To get Google’s attention in 2019, your website’s visitors must adore it. 

So, if your SEO isn’t working, have a look at your site’s dwell time. If your average consumer spends at least 10 minutes on your website, Google will give you a much higher ranking than a competitor whose average visitor only stays 10 seconds. 

So speed up your page load time! This is such an easy win, and it would seem silly not to do it.

 Also, focus on making your website visually appealing for visitors. You harm your SEO efforts if your website lacks interactive or otherwise engaging visuals. Incorporating movies, photos, and charts and utilizing white space will improve the user experience (which, in turn, improves dwell time). 

The Niche You’re Optimizing is Too Competitive

You could spend years attempting to get a site to rank well among its more well-established competitors, but your efforts may never pay off. While you may believe your SEO is failing, the issue could be that SEO isn’t a strategy that can help you grow. 

So, isn’t it time to throw down the towel and say “forget it” to SEO? Well, not quite. You’ll still need a good website that’s well-optimized and provides a pleasant and helpful user experience.

It’s doubtful that you’ll ever rank for words or phrases that everyone else is searching for. Even if you manage to rank for them, it’ll only be a matter of time until someone with a larger budget steps in and takes over the top spots in the SERPs. 

You are not Internal Linking Right

Internal linking remains an important SEO tactic. It not only aids search engines in crawling your site more efficiently, but it also aids people in finding useful, related information. On the other hand, many businesses are unaware of the value of internal links and make little attempt to locate and link to relevant information elsewhere on their site.  

Your SEO campaign may fail if you are not making a point of linking to at least 2-3 related pages on your site. 

Social Media is not Part of Your SEO Strategy

You’re missing out on a lot if you don’t include a “social media” component in your approach. Any great SEO plan that works today must include social media. While I feel that links generated through social media do not immediately benefit SEO, there are several reasons why you should incorporate it as part of your campaign. 

Earning organic traffic, increasing visibility, and interacting with your audience are crucial factors that you shouldn’t overlook. Especially when you consider the potential influence on your search rankings of these efforts. 

Your Website is Not Reader-Friendly

 Convenience plays a huge role in website traffic. So if your content is not reader-friendly, your website traffic would be low. So, your website should be simple to read and browse through on both phones and laptops. Make sure that all of your pages are functional and don’t take too long to load. 

Font type, color, and text structure are all important considerations. Nobody likes to visit a site that is unattractive to the eye and disorganized. Always strive to keep your information clean, concise, and simple to read.


These are just a handful of the common issues that can be seen in ineffective SEO campaigns. That said, by no means is this a comprehensive list. 

There’s no way of knowing when your SEO efforts will pay off. Patience is a virtue that you must cultivate. Keep working away at the best practices stated above, even if you don’t see results in the timeframe you expect. Your accomplishments will be rewarded sooner or later.

Rejoice Obike
Rejoice Obike
Rejoice Obike
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