How to Use Video Marketing to Boost Users’ Engagement

How to Use Video Marketing to Boost Users’ Engagement

October 21, 2021 0

Once upon a time, all you had to do to boost users’ engagement was to either use a picture or short video. Conveying a message to your audience in this manner would raise user engagement easily. Today, the majority of online users prefer watching a 3-minute video to reading a 500-word article. Hence, it is only logical that video marketing will attract more user engagement than writing an article alone.

However, today, capturing the attention of an audience is more difficult than just creating some video content. Why? With the internet already flooded with millions of video content creators, users now have tons of videos flooding their timelines daily. Content creators are doing more than sharing information about their businesses and products in a video. They are learning to make it more entertaining, hence, capturing the attention of online users.

Today, there are billions of video content and millions of content creators across the internet. As such, the question for a small and medium-scale business is, “how can I boost users’ engagement through video marketing”?

In this article, we will show you the right way to stay competitive and capture the attention of your audience.

What is Video Marketing?

According to Saurabh Kumar, “video marketing has to do with using video content in the marketing campaign of any business. Using video content has been known to be a pretty effective marketing funnel to capture the attention of prospects.

How to Use Video Marketing to Boost Users’ Engagement
Boost User’s Engagement with video marketing

Furthermore, it is an effective way to keep communicating with your audience and persuading them to engage with your business. You can use video marketing to build a solid relationship with your customers and target more prospects. Video marketing also helps you to promote your brand, products, or services.

One of the benefits of video marketing is that it is budget-friendly. You can create video content with a minimal budget or go big in your video marketing campaign. Big companies spend a fortune on their video marketing campaigns. Small businesses aren’t left out as they can use phone cameras and free mobile video editing software.

How to Boost Users’ Engagement through Video Marketing

Despite knowing the benefits of video marketing, many businesses struggle with using it to effectively increase users’ engagement. Here are some of the things you can do to boost engagements on your video marketing campaigns:

Share Customer Reviews as Video Content

Irrespective of your business type, industry, or size, customer reviews play a crucial role in the growth of any brand. Having some good ones gives you a competitive edge over many businesses. It gives you leverage over businesses that don’t have them.

While most people share their customers’ reviews in an article on product pages, very few do so using videos. As stated earlier, videos are much more eye-catching than articles. Hence, making it a more effective way of capturing the attention of prospects and customers.

It is always good to invest some funds into preparing and creating a professional video. You can share such videos across all platforms ranging from your website to email campaigns. However, if raising the necessary funds for this kind of content is challenging, you can use a good phone camera. Keep in mind that you will need to at least invest in a good phone camera.

You can reach out to some of your clients on a video conference call. Have them talk about how they felt working with your company and using your products. Of course, you should know that the essence is to have a video conversation that you can share online.

Always Use your Video as a Platform to Interact with Your Audience

Beyond delivering the right message at the right time, always use your videos to interact with your audience. This is one of the best ways you can organically boost users’ engagement using video marketing. Some of the ways you can address the interests and pain points of your audience are through automated nurture campaigns and segmentation. You can also reach them by sending personalized messages.

One way to improve user engagement is by creating avenues to connect and have conversations with your audience. You can do this through webinars, face-to-face interactions, and live-streaming.

Also, take advantage of Facebook and Instagram stories, to reach your audience. You can talk about the pain points of your clients and address their questions. This way, you are more concerned about them than you are about your products.

Creating a Newsletter or Content Recap

Are you having a tough time getting views on your content? There are several tips you could implement to change the narrative. The first place to start is taking a quick look at your distribution strategy. Check out areas that need improvements or platforms that will help you reach your audience better.

You can also try performing an SEO audit using CRM connectors like Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, and Salesforce. These platforms will help ensure that you are making use of the right keywords. The keywords will help you reach prospects based on their interests and needs. Hence, increasing users’ engagement by helping your business rank higher in search engine results.

In some cases, all you need is to first attract views on your content. However, another way to increase engagement is to build your email list. Also, improve your email newsletter content through a video recap. This way, they can easily catch up to everything they might have missed through your short video recap.


Video marketing is often a more effective way to increase users’ engagement than articles. However, knowing what to do can be the difference between you and your competitors. The tips above will help boost users’ engagement in your video marketing campaigns. Don’t forget to visit our website for other interesting business content.

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