Attract Clients Easily: 5 creative ways to attract new clients

Attract Clients Easily: 5 creative ways to attract new clients

October 11, 2021 0

Have you been looking for creative ways to attract clients easily? A business’s lifeblood is its customers. They decide whether a company will stay in business or go out of business. It is their money that companies use for their operations. No wonder, customers are “always right.”

In any industry, a well-defined marketing strategy is essential for companies to thrive and achieve as much traction as possible. If you want to attract more clients, the first step is to find a way to contact them. As a result, taking advantage of online marketing is critical. 

Even if you’ve built up a loyal core customer base, new customers are key to scaling your business. The fact is, repeat customers can either move away or fall on hard times and do less discretionary spending.

You need to make sure your business is always relevant and inviting to new customers and clients. The influx of different customers helps you keep customer service solid and your business and products innovative. New people keep you on your toes and they bring in new sources of revenue for the business. Here’s are five creative ways to attract clients easily:

Five Creative Ways To Attract Clients Easily

Attract Clients Easily: 5 creative ways to attract new clients
There are several things that you can do to attract clients easily

Leverage on Referrals

Referrals are one of the most effective ways to gain new clients. However, waiting for your present customers to refer their friends and family members to you could take a long time.

Take control by putting in place a structure for aggressively seeking referrals from your happy clients. Incorporate activity that generates referrals into the sales process. Send a follow-up email when a consumer receives their order from your e-commerce site, for example, asking for a referral. Follow up with customers to answer questions after the sale, and they have them ask for referrals.

You can also leverage your happy customers by turning them into paying customers. Offer them incentives or discounts to tell their friends about your business. It’s an irresistible offer.

Participate in Community Events

Participate in charitable activities and organizations to raise your profile in your neighborhood. Sponsor a neighborhood fun run, plan a holiday event, or provide equipment to a local sports team. It raises your profile, which helps you attract more customers.

You can also offer coupons and services when asked by fundraising campaigns, especially those that focus on local businesses. Then, ask to attend the event in exchange for your contribution. 

Another option is to have a booth or table available as a sponsor at charitable events. Doing this helps you to entice more people to try out your product. If potential customers see that you support a certain cause, they may be more likely to choose your brand.

Offer Free Trials and Promotions

Consumers nowadays are still on the lookout for good bargains and good value. Offer introductory discounts or deals such as buy two, get one half-price. You can also offer free gift wrapping for the first three purchases to entice customers into your shop.

These kinds of deals can attract new clients. They were probably thinking of doing business with you but needed a little push to change their buying habits. Keep track of what they buy and which offers they use. This way, you may send them more relevant marketing messages in the future.

Always think of ways to reward and acknowledge your most loyal customers. Some ideas include a free shopping voucher, free points, a giveaway, or something else, Everyone loves acknowledgment.

Take Advantage of Customer Ratings

Consumers commonly consult internet ratings and review sites before doing business with a brand new company. As a result, make sure to keep an eye on those sites and respond to any concerns. Link to positive reviews on your website to make the most of them. 

Encourage customers to share their thoughts by posting signs in your store, office, restaurant, or other areas. New clients are more likely to try your business if they witness others praising it.

Cultivate your reviews and make the most of them. Social proof is a powerful weapon to attract new clients.

Run User-Generated  campaigns

We’ve already discussed how beneficial social media marketing can be to your company. But creating a user-generated campaign (UGC) is even more beneficial. You can run a photo contest or greatest comment contest. In such a case, you award consumers for collecting the most likes or shares on their posts. This is one way to really get creative with your company’s social platforms. 

UGC campaigns are a terrific way to nurture existing customers while also gaining indirect exposure for your company in front of new potential consumers for little or no investment. You can boost the visibility of your UGC campaign by purchasing Facebook sponsored posts.


Attracting new clients isn’t as difficult as most businesses make it to be. We have shown you five ways to attract clients easily in this post. The key to gaining new consumers is to actively pursue them. Many business owners struggle to attract new consumers. They don’t have a strategy or tackle the assignment in a haphazard manner.

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