Top 5 eco-friendly business ideas in Africa

Top 5 eco-friendly business ideas in Africa

September 7, 2021 0

Are you looking for eco-friendly business ideas? An eco-friendly or green business exhibits a dedication to long-term environmental sustainability. Green businesses aim to have a beneficial impact on the environment and their surrounding community. This can be accomplished in various ways, including recycling, procuring local products, and increasing energy efficiency. 

Eco-friendly business ideas combine your environmental concern with your desire to create a company. They also deliver in terms of sales and profit. Consumers today are just as interested in a company’s products and services as they are in its corporate social responsibility (CSR). This is especially good news for eco-minded entrepreneurs.

According to a Nielsen research, 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. Climate change poses several risks to our environment. Because of this, solutions that preserve the natural environment are very big business opportunities.

Eco-friendly Business Ideas in Africa

If you need eco-friendly business ideas to get started on your dreams, here are our top suggestions for you: 

Top 5 eco-friendly business ideas in Africa
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Handmade all-natural/organic products

Soaps, cosmetics, and cleaning products are just a few household items that we manufacture from natural ingredients. Sure, anyone can make their sugar scrub or vinegar-based cleaning solution. But if you package and sell them as eco-friendly products, you’ll be meeting a very important need. You may sell at local markets and events, or you could open an internet business.

Preloved or Second-hand business 

New products are always costlier than second-hand items. A new dress, for example, could cost up to $30, whereas a secondhand dress is usually only a few dollars. Not only will opening a secondhand store save your consumers money, but it will also help the environment. This type of business is both cost-effective for you in the long term and environmentally friendly.

Instead of throwing away a perfectly good item, encourage customers to give you their used products. By so doing, someone else might benefit from them. Used clothing, coats, books, kitchen equipment, and furniture are all excellent examples of items that you can sell.


Recycling is one of the eco-friendly business ideas you can make money from while keeping the environment safe. This business involves processing abandoned materials to produce new products. Usually, people think recycling is just about collecting papers, bottles, cans, iron, and the likes. But, more than that, recycling also entails collecting other items like gold, computers, tires, cell phones, or re-selling household goods.

Waste recycling, glass recycling, battery recycling, cartridge recycling, plastic recycling, and metal recycling are other types of recycling. All you need is a good understanding of where you can get your items and sell them. You can, on the other hand, decide to repurpose the items into something else. To thrive in the business, you’ll also need entrepreneurial skills and a healthy amount of patience.

Herbal Remedy Provider

We use plants and other natural resources to treat diseases, increase energy, decrease weight, and other ailments. Natural herbs hardly result in side effects. Because of this, being a herbal remedy provider is an excellent eco-friendly business idea to start. Some people go so far as to study herbal medicine at the university level. You may, however, need to obtain some licenses before you can begin your firm.

Eco-friendly Event Planner

Have you considered consider being an eco-friendly event planner? This is a profitable business concept because some people or businesses host eco-friendly parties, celebrations, and ceremonies. What better way to begin a sustainable business than by assisting others in organizing more environmentally responsible events?

Charitable foundations and businesses that wish to engage in social marketing and politicians seek this type of service. Green event planners can also host fundraising parties or even recycling events. Such events help to bring people’s trash together with recycling firms. 

Collection, use, and commercialization of IT Waste

The collection of computer garbage should be at the top of the list when ranking the most sustainable business ideas. Why? E-waste is increasing, and in the last two years, huge corporations have discovered a massive potential for reuse and recycling.

Apple and Huawei, for example, have already begun to implement this system in their businesses. Doing this encourages customers to bring their electronic devices to their offices in return for new ones. These behemoths recycle their parts to save money. 

As a result, setting up recycling stations for these materials and then selling them to organizations that recycle waste is a tremendous economic opportunity. If you have computer abilities, you can also use this garbage to develop new uses for it and market such ideas online or to firms that need them.

With the diffusion of knowledge, you may make intriguing electronic parts out of this type of garbage. You can also work with huge technological corporations to fund your ideas and improvements. All you have to do now is select what to do and who to call.


The need for green businesses is steadily increasing. In 2019, the global market for sustainability was $8.8 billion, with a forecast of over $48 billion by 2027. The world is gradually turning green, and eco-conscious entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity. To start a green business, you must first identify a viable business model. Then, as you establish your sustainable business concept, alter your lifestyle to mirror your company’s principles and offerings.

Linda Onyinyechukwu
Linda Onyinyechukwu
Linda Onyinyechukwu
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