5 tips for Building a Great Startup Team

5 tips for Building a Great Startup Team

August 30, 2021 0

Building a great startup team is key to achieving your company’s goals.  Such a team begins with a few passionate guys and a brilliant idea not to burn out. You must be aware of the different positions you need for the startup before you begin. These different positions require competent hands who also have the zest to work. 

There’s no magic formula for what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building a great startup team. However, there are tips you can follow if you want to build a great startup team.  Here are tips to help you build a great startup team.

5 tips for Building a Great Startup Team 

Set A Clear Vision

To build a great startup team, you have to sell the vision. It’s important to get the right people and to be on the same page with them. You don’t need to have huge incentives in the beginning. What you need are hands that can run with your vision for the company.

5 tips for building a great startup team
Share your vision with your team

To attract the top talent, you must have a great vision for the company. Such a vision will excite potential employees and make them join your startup. You must have unambiguous short and long-term goals for your company and share them with your employees to have a favorable impact.

The short-term goals should include details regarding what you are going to do and how you will do it. On the other hand, the long-term plan should be about growing your startup or expansion plans. 

However, the most important thing is to make them see the big picture. This allows them to stay motivated and committed to contributing to company growth.

Hire People Who Fit into the Company’s culture

The most significant part of building a great startup team is hiring passionate and qualified individuals for your company. It is also important to hire people who fit into your company’s culture. While experience is important, hiring people who share the same values as you cannot be understated.

Employees who can understand your business goals and are willing to work with you help in accomplishing the company’s set goals.  This doesn’t mean that you should shy away from hiring qualified and passionate people over experienced ones. In this way, you will build a winning team for your startup. You can achieve this by creating a balanced workplace environment full of experienced, qualified, and passionate employees. 

Communicate Often

Communication is key in every stage of a startup’s lifecycle. However, developing effective communication habits in the early days of your startup will strengthen your team. 

Building a routine of checking in with team members daily or weekly is very important. It helps you to detect team issues before they become major problems. Some teams benefit from morning team check-ins. Understanding how any team member is feeling on any given day can help you avoid team friction. It also knocks off assumptions regarding why someone may be underperforming. 

When your team grows too large, we recommend that you split the daily check-in meeting into multiple groups. These groups should be based on what each team member is working on. If you have remote team members, you can use tools like Slack to conduct your check-ins.

Establish positions and responsibilities

Before hiring people, it is important to understand the roles needed in the startup. Who should be the technical lead? Who will handle the marketing side of the business? 

First, establish the positions and responsibilities. Consider each other’s skill set, strengths, and weaknesses to ensure that everyone understands what they can bring to the table. If you have decided on your roles and responsibilities, it’s time to gather the rest of the team. 

Provide feedback on performance

Managing a startup doesn’t clear you from helping the team grow their respective careers. Having a feedback system plays a significant role in assessing an employee’s performance. By providing performance reviews regularly, you help employees see how they are doing and the areas they need to improve.


The backbone of your company’s success is the people who work behind it. You simply can’t afford to hire the wrong people. When building a great startup team, you need all hands on deck to get your business off the ground.

Rejoice Obike
Rejoice Obike
Rejoice Obike
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