7 Invoicing Apps to help you Make Money

7 Invoicing Apps to help you Make Money

April 30, 2021 0

Ever heard of invoicing apps? Sending invoices is great because it signifies that a sale or business transaction is about to be made by the business. However, preparing those invoices professionally could be a hassle – especially if your business has to create such invoices frequently. Rather than manually editing documents upon documents, there is more gain in using invoicing apps. You can use them to automate your invoice creation process.

Invoicing isn’t exactly a fun part of business and could be tiring when coupled with other aspects of the business. It is, however, imperative to take your business to the next level and make more money. Thankfully, there are amazing invoicing software or apps that will save you the stress of creating manual invoices.

Here are the top 7 invoicing apps that would help your business:


QuickBooks is one of the most popular invoicing apps for businesses, and this is a result of the massive value it offers its users. Besides being one of the best invoicing software for small businesses, it is also one of the best accounting software.

It helps in keeping track of your finances and eradicates errors encountered during manual invoicing. From your QuickBooks dashboard, you can update invoices, send automated invoices and be proactive in business. Additionally, you can track your bills and funds from your cash flow.

7 Invoicing Apps to help you Make Money
Using invoicing apps reduces stress and increases efficiency

The cost of the QuickBooks software is at just £8.00 per month for a Self-Assessment Ready plan. This is often recommended for freelancers and independent contractors. The software plan recommended for small businesses and VAT-registered companies is at £12.00 a month. Furthermore, you can assess your QuickBooks software on any device, whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Hence, helping you keep track of your finances, on the go.


Another tremendous invoicing app is FreshBooks. Similar to QuickBooks, this app helps track invoices, time, and expenses. They are great for small businesses, large-scale businesses, and freelancers.

Amongst others, one of its top features is the opportunity for your business to customize its invoices to its preferred tastes. You can customize it to your company’s standard, add your logo, send them through emails or send a physical copy. With FreshBooks’ automated invoices, you can personalize your invoices professionally. Add a thank you email, and send them to your customers.

The app also enables you to have a steady cash flow, understand your workload and income expectation, and have professional reports. It also helps to manage your timelines better, and more. FreshBooks also has a mobile application that can be used on all devices. Additionally, they offer updates immediately and invoice is viewed and paid, help automatically calculate your taxes and track inventories.


InvoiceNinja is another top-notch invoicing app with key features such as time/expense tracking and project management. Other features include; contact management, and of course, creating invoices. It has all these features which may not be available on some paid invoicing applications, for free.

Additionally, InvoiceNinja allows you to send invoices and use other features for up to 100 customers. InvoiceNinja is another one of the top invoicing apps that offer mobile applications to help you track your finances on the go. It also provides exceptional customer support and the creation of unlimited invoices and estimates.


Wave offers a free plan for your invoicing needs. However, features like premium support, payroll, and others come at a fee. The app has a great interface with varieties of invoicing features such as customization, automated recurring invoices, and column editing. You can customize your invoices to the professional standard you want without a single charge.  Additionally, you can get the app on any device of your choice as well.


InvoiceBerry is an invoicing application particularly created for small-scale businesses. It has an easy, and simple-to-use interface. You can create and deliver invoices when using the app within a very short time. You can also send payment reminders or thank you notes with the software.

You can get a ‘Solo’ plan which gives you 15 invoice templates and allows you to send invoices to up to 35 clients for €12 a month. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Pro’ plan, which offers 15 templates to an unlimited number of clients at €24 a month.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is an ideal invoicing software, especially for small businesses in Nigeria.  It has a user-friendly interface and enables you to create invoices, set up reminders, and roll out recurring invoices.

For small businesses, you can make use of the ‘Basic’ plan at the rate of £6 per month. This plan allows you to send automated invoices to up to 50 customers. If you have only five (5) customers/ clients, you can use the free plan, which allows customized invoices for up to five customers.

The Zoho Invoice app can also be used on all devices; IOS, Android, and Microsoft, so you can create your invoices easily.


Formerly known as Invoiceable, Invoicely is another invoicing app that will save you time and money. The app allows you to create unlimited invoices to unlimited customers at no fee. The Invoicely app is easy to use and essentially free. However, if you need other features such as time/ expense tracking, recurring statements, and quotes, you can get the ‘Basic’ plan at $9.99 a month. The software is usually recommended for start-ups or small-scale businesses in Nigeria.


Using invoicing applications will help your business in tracking its expenses, improve your professionalism, and overall help your business make more money.

Lawretta Egba
Lawretta Egba
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