Growing your business through personal branding marketing

Growing your business through personal branding marketing

March 29, 2021 0

One way to grow your business is through personal brand marketing. People only sold within the environment in the past. However, today, you can sell beyond your zone with social media, and the fact is people still want to do business with people and not with the product.

One of the biggest things changing marketing online is personal branding marketing. Personal branding, when executed properly, can prove invaluable to the growth of your business. For instance, when people associate a face with a brand, they feel it can be trusted, and they can rest assured that doing business with them would be full-proof.

It can be a powerful marketing tool in your arsenal as a business owner. There are over ten million small businesses in Africa alone, which means you have to be unique in the saturated market using key strategies such as personal branding.

How to go about Personal Branding Marketing

Have a vision that directs your personal branding

Doing this helps you to streamline your influence to what will work for your business in the long term. Take, for example, popular Instagram influencer Naijabrandchick who has a food business and uses her brand to push her products. 

Growing your business through personal branding marketing
Having a vision helps to streamline your efforts

She shows up on Instagram, giving small business owners advice, helping them to use Instagram well, and even holding small growth classes. All these have made her one of the go-to influencers on Instagram.

Define your target audience

Would it be marketing officers, CEOs, business owners, etc.? The message you share or design will be fit for your target audience. Find out what makes your target audience tick. If they are interested in football or movies, you want to talk about this more often in your messaging.

Put yourself out there

This is because your customers need to know who you are. It means that you would need all the attention you can to make this work. As a business face, look out for opportunities to push your brand.

It is at this point you can leverage collaborations. Think about what large organisations like Globacom communications put in funds to have celebrities and entertainers on all their campaigns because of the human connection.

However, micro-influencers have the best connection with their followers, which is where you want to be as a business. Beyonce may not answer every one, but someone like Triciabiz may find time to answer comment on her post. Collaborate with them to build off their audience. 

Prove your worth by showcasing your skills

Put out materials, tips, videos, blogs, and every bit of information on your ability. For instance, if you are a baker, you should have a gallery of cookies, cakes, or slices of bread you have baked where people can see online and hit you for supplies.

Growing your business through personal branding marketing
Put out materials to showcase your skills

Personal brand marketing is one of the hardest marketing tools ever, but behind a good personal brand is a revenue-generating stream.

Channelling your human side to your brand will help you keep a close relationship with your audience. The close relationship you establish with your audience allows you to promote anything and get those who follow you to buy your services as a trusted operation.

The key is to ensure you are consistent with your message and value. Once you can establish your thought leadership as an expert in a niche, you can dominate and make sales for your business. Remember this “anyone who can gain attention can gain people’s share of their wallet which in turn leads to sales conversion.”

Seun Odegbami
Seun Odegbami
Seun Odegbami
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