Fellowship Programme For Entrepreneurs Expands

Fellowship Programme For Entrepreneurs Expands

March 26, 2021 0

The Savvy Fellowship programme for early-stage entrepreneurs has now extended its reach and is now available in 104 languages including Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa.

The virtually conducted programme is based on three sectors; learning, assessment, and mentorship sessions. 

The programme is conducted over 12 weeks and equips participants with the tools on how to start, build and scale up an impact venture. In addition, participants are provided insight into achieving product-market fit, scale into new markets, and gain traction along with mentorship from a range of industry experts.

Chidi Nwaogu, co-founder and Head of Fellowship Programme at Savvy provides insight into the language tool expansion implemented to increase accessibility to a wider range of users.

“The Savvy program was launched initially in 90 languages, but as the program grew and we began having participants from even more countries than we anticipated, we have decided to add 14 new languages to the program. Now, Savvy Fellows can take the Savvy course in any of the 104 languages, which fosters easy learning as participants can learn in their own native language. 90.95% of our participants assess the Savvy program in English, 4.1% in French, while 0.45% in Chinese. While the remaining 4.5% assess the program in different languages, including Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, Zulu, German, Italian, Portuguese, Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa.”

Founded and launching during the height of the global pandemic in August 202, The Savvy Fellowship is aimed at aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs. Founded by serial entrepreneur Chidi Nwaogu, the programme has over 3 500 participants from 127 countries across the globe. 

Launched with 90 different languages, the programme is now offered in an additional 14 languages, catering to the programme’s growing diverse range of participants. 

The fellowship programme aims to assist young individuals transition into entrepreneurship by equipping them with the tools and skills to rise to success. In addition, the programme itself aims to contribute to a decrease in unemployment rates as entrepreneurs facilitate new companies resulting in new jobs. 

The overall domino impact of the fellowship has a strong social impact and the programme claims that 600 impact-driven businesses have been created by its participants. 

Source: https://ventureburn.com/2021/03/fellowship-programme-for-entrepreneurs-expands/

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