10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To SME360 Magazine

10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To SME360 Magazine

January 28, 2021 1

Do you know that you can subscribe to SME360 Magazine? Why should you do that? Just like every other business magazine, SME360 Magazine presents you with an array of benefits.

In this post, we will look at 10 reasons why every owner of an SME in Africa should subscribe to this magazine. Ready? Let’s get to the crux of this post.

About SME360 Magazine

SME360 Magazine is an offshoot of a brand known as SME360 Africa. This brand is known for its drive to provide every SME in Africa with information to help them grow. It came up with the idea of the magazine to facilitate its vision to reaching out to African SMEs.

10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To SME360 Magazine
An SME owner reading SME360 Magazine

SME360 Magazine has one main aim, to help African entrepreneurs and businesses thrive. To achieve its aim, it provides business-related information to entrepreneurs. From interviews with accomplished entrepreneurs to seasoned articles from experienced writers. This magazine promises its subscribers several amazing benefits. We will discuss our top 10 reasons why every African entrepreneur should subscribe to SME360 Magazine in the next section.

Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To SME360 Magazine

When someone tells you to take a certain action, it is normal for you to ask why. This is why it shouldn’t be surprising that entrepreneurs are asking why they should subscribe to SME360 magazine. If you are in these shoes, we will answer this question in this section.

Reason 1 – 12 Editions Every Year

Ever read any of the editions of the SME360 Magazine? If you have, you will agree that this magazine contains very important information for entrepreneurs. Every edition has a specific theme that is chosen based on the African economic and business climate.

Seasoned entrepreneurs are interviewed, articles are written, and surveys are taken. The aim is to help entrepreneurs improve the quality of their businesses. Imagine having access to 12 editions all year round. You can bet that this will improve the quality of your business immensely.

Reason 2 – 4 Print Editions Yearly

Out of the 12 editions produced each year, 4 are produced in “print.” This means that you can have the hardcopy of 4 of the SME360 editions. Here’s the good news, you can have these hard copies delivered to your doorstep anywhere you are in Nigeria. Isn’t that amazing?

Reason 3 – Monthly Webinars and Training Sessions

One of the ways to get better as the owner of an SME in Africa is acquiring knowledge. SME360 understands this which is why it uses its Magazine platform to organize monthly webinars and training. This is one of the most important reasons why you should subscribe to SME360 Magazine. Experienced individuals are invited to anchor these training sessions that you can attend remotely via Zoom and other online platforms.

Reason 4 – Weekly Exclusive Newsletters

Wouldn’t it be nice getting exclusive newsletters weekly to inform you about what is happening in the business world? Of course, it would be and that is why you should complete your subscription. These newsletters give insight that helps you to thrive as an SME owner.

Reason 5 – SME-based Insights and Studies

As African entrepreneurs, one of the most important pieces of information you need is business analyses. While we provide some of this information via our website, subscribers to the magazine have access to more specialized information. When you subscribe to the magazine, you are entitled to accessing periodic SME-based insights and studies. You can use this information as a basis to grow your business.

Reason 6 – 4 E-Books Yearly Along With More Resources

SME360 comes with 4 e-books every year on different important topics. As we all know, these ebooks carry specific information designed to empower SME owners with business-related information. You can enjoy access to these 4 e-books and other resources every year by subscribing to the SME360 Magazine.

10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To SME360 Magazine
An SME360 subscriber reading one of the e-books in his spare time

Reason 7 – 15% Discount On Advert Placements

Advertisement is a very important aspect of marketing your brand. How else would anyone know about your products and services? Running adverts these days is now quite costly and most SMEs in Africa run on a tight budget.

SME360 Magazine understands this and gives you leverage based on subscription. By being a subscriber to the magazine, you get a 15% discount on advert placements. Isn’t that just amazing? Let’s not even start talking about the reach you will enjoy from advertising on our platform.

Reason 8 – Discounts on Events and Partners’ Events

SME360 along with several of her partners around Africa organize different events every year. Usually, attendance at these events come at a cost. The good news is that you can ride on your subscription to the magazine to enjoy discounts on these events. As such, you can attend these events at a far reduced cost than non-subscribers.

Reason 9 – Access To All Past Editions

One of the biggest advantages you enjoy when you subscribe to SME360 Magazine is that you have access to past magazine editions. Yes, you will receive all the past editions of the magazine. Can you imagine how much information will be at your fingertips when you do?

Reason 10 – Access to Our Resource Dashboard

SME360 has a plethora of resources on its resource dashboard. These include e-books, guides, and seminars. Subscribing to the magazine gives you access to all these resources. Do you know how much you can do with this load of resources?

How Much Does It Cost To Subscribe to SME360 Magazine?

Great, you know why you should subscribe to SME360 Magazine. The question now is, “how much does the subscription cost?” Check the different plans below:

–         3-month plan – N2500

–         6-month plan – N4000

–         12-month plan – N7000

How To Subscribe to SME360 Magazine

To conclude this post, we will explain how you can subscribe to the magazine. It is pretty simple to subscribe. Simply choose your plan, make your payment, and you are all set. You should get an email immediately sharing the details of your subscription.

Now, you are a subscriber. If you want to, you can cancel the membership at any time. The only challenge is that you can’t request a refund because our products are digital-based.

Do you have any other questions? Drop them in the comments section below. Click here to subscribe to SME360 Magazine.

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