SME360 Top 10 Blog Posts For 2020

SME360 Top 10 Blog Posts For 2020

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December 31, 2020 0

2020 has presented many SMEs in Nigeria, Africa, and all over the world with several challenges. Most businesses had to adjust their operation models because of COVID-19. Nonetheless, we have been here serving you articles every day.

In this post, we present you a recap of our 10 most popular posts at SME360 for 2020. After reading, let us know which one was your favorite and why in the comments section.

SME360 Top 10 Blog Posts For 2020
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20 Businesses You Can Start With 50,000 Naira In Nigeria

More and more people were seeking small businesses that they could start with 50,000 or its equivalent in 2020. This led us to compile a list of business opportunities that individuals can start with this amount or less.

Some of the businesses on our list included fast-food business, baking, selling drinks and water, soap production, and small-scale farming. To check out other ideas on this list, click here.

How SMEs in Nigeria can Access the CBN COVID-19 Intervention Fund

It is no secret that COVID-19 hit several SMEs in Nigeria really hard. Many of them had to shut down during the lockdown that lasted several months. Because of this, the CBN initiated the COVID-19 Intervention Fund.

In this post, we discussed the reason for the initiative, who was eligible, and how to access it. We also talked about the loan terms and the responsibilities of the stakeholders. Read the post here.

SMEDAN Commences Nationwide Registration Programme For MSMEs

Sometime around August 2020, SMEDAN announced that it was commencing a registration programme for MSMEs in the country. In case you didn’t know, SMEDAN stands for Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria.

Businesses that register with SMEDAN will enjoy several benefits. Want to find out? Click here.

7 Steps To Starting A VTU Business in Nigeria

The VTU business is becoming very popular in Nigeria, thanks to technology. It is a business in which the vendor provides the customer with recharge cards digitally. This is one of the easiest and most affordable businesses to start in Nigeria. You can begin with as low as 5,000 Naira.

This post explains what you need to start, profitability, and the steps to follow to start up this business. Click here to check the post out.

All You Need To Know About The SMEDAN Certificate of Registration

This post is a follow-up to our post on the SMEDAN Registration Programme. The Certificate of Registration is one of the benefits that accrue to MSMEs that register. This post provides readers a guide to how to register and get the certificate.

Some of the modules include eligibility requirements, benefits of the certificate, and the registration procedure. Learn more here.

CBN Loans Business Owners Can Access in Nigeria

One of the biggest difficulties that SMEs in Nigeria and the rest of Africa face is raising capital. It became more difficult in 2020 because of the pandemic. CBN came to the rescue of SMEs with a number of loan facilities made available to businesses in Nigeria.

This post talks about the need to take loans then lists a number of CBN loan facilities that businesses can access. Read this post to see the different loans available.

5 Government Intervention Funds for SMEs in Nigeria You Should Know About

Again, this post addresses the issue of raising funds for Nigerian SMEs. This has proven to be one of the major challenges of SMEs in Nigeria. The Nigerian Government set up several intervention funds for businesses in Nigeria.

In this post, we list 5 of these Government Intervention Funds that SMEs in Nigeria can benefit from. Want to know them? Click here.

How MSMEs Can Register With SMEDAN

We wrote this post to further buttress the idea of the SMEDAN MSME Registration. It explains the objectives of SMEDAN and who is eligible for the registration.

This post also discusses the benefits of participating in the registration and how to register. Read more here.

20 Profitable Businesses In Nigeria

If you are looking for profitable businesses that you can start in Nigeria then you should read this post. It presents you with a list of the top 20 profitable businesses you can start in Nigeria.

Some of the businesses include oil and gas, real estate, agriculture, transportation, and fashion design. Click here to see more.

10 Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria

How would you like the idea of a daily income business? These are businesses that give you profit on a daily basis. This should appeal to the average Nigerian entrepreneur.

In this post, we present you with a list of the top 10 daily income businesses in Nigeria. Would you like to know them? Click here.

There you go, our top 10 posts at SME360 for 2020. Tell us in the comments section which was your favorite. You can bet that we will do better in 2021. Cheers!!!

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