Behavioral Changes After The Pandemic Means More Opportunities For Entrepreneurs


Did you know that these companies, Airbnb, Uber, Slack started after the 2008 recession? Although it may seem like a national crisis let alone a global crisis can spell doom for most SMEs and businesses, it is also an opportunity that some agile entrepreneurs have seized to start-up or scale their ventures. 

Opportunities present themselves in the most disguised manner, (werey dey disguise) even in the face of pending disasters. Taking the right approach towards scaling your business means that you do not only empathise with the situation at hand, but you also keep your business ablaze and even position yourself strategically for the next wave of economic boom. 

Behavioral Changes After The Pandemic Means More Opportunities For Entrepreneurs
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During the world wars, most businesses still benefited, offering different products and services. For instance, during the recent #endsars protests were carried out across major cities in the country, food and medical sectors were heavily contracted to feed and take care of protesters across the country. These businesses also benefit from the coronavirus pandemic. Do you get the point now?

Mitigating the effects of a pandemic

A pandemic leaves people with the impression to change and adapt to new trends, to change their taste for certain products and services which changes approach towards better servicing and products offering as an entrepreneur. For instance, during the pandemic, most people spent their time at home.

Remote working, online shopping, and services became major players. Online video calling services like Zoom tripled their net worth, and the net worth of the richest man Jeff Bezos also doubled in a single day!. These behavioral changes in the way people adapt to these events cause a huge rift in the manner of entrepreneurs before and after business models.

The goal here is to focus on techniques that enable your business to keep up to date with these behavioural changes. Building and scaling an impactful business requires a drive beyond making money. Having the passion to deliver on your company’s purpose will fuel you through the trying times and ensure you keep your customers satisfied. 

You don’t do home delivery or services? 

You don’t have your business online?

Do you make use of popular tools that your customers have come to relate with when interacting with a service or product?

Finding a way to innovate your business or incorporate these concepts into your business models or ideas will ensure you have a good start towards positioning yourself for the aftermath of a pandemic. 

Networking and leadership skills are essential skills to have if you hope to grow your business. Knowing how to network with people and lead them to your business cannot be overemphasised. 

That is why we have brought in an expert and entrepreneur who has garnered experience and has a book on the topic to give you tips on how to scale up your network to meet the right people for your business growth. 

Join us this Friday as we host Chibunna Ogbonna, CEO/Founder of RENEWCYKLE ENERGY to discuss “The power of Networking and Leadership in SMEs” on IG LIVE. 

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