List of VTU Websites in Nigeria

List of VTU Websites in Nigeria

October 27, 2020 4

The VTU business has gained a lot of traction in Nigeria and has become one of the easiest businesses to start in 2020. The VTU business has also become the most popular means to make payments like electricity bills, cable tv bills, recharge cards and other forms of payment. 

Africa as a continent is fast becoming digitalized in it’s business approach. SMEs in Africa are becoming innovative because consumers are looking for ways to carry out transactions in the fastest possible way. From paying bills to opening bank accounts to sending money and recharging phones. 

What is VTU Business? 

VTU simply stands for Virtual Top-up, it is popularly known in Nigeria as Recharge and Get Paid. Virtual Top-Up simply involves a vendor digitally crediting the service line of a subscriber. In simple terms, your customers get their phones recharged through digital transfer. They will simply receive an alert on their phones to confirm that their phones have been credited. 

This process doesn’t involve the use of print recharge cards or USSD code. With as little as a thousand naira, you can start your own VTU business at any location. There are some major key players in the VTU business, some of which include: Quickteller, Recharge and Get Paid, Stratford Communications limited, Appletree Nigeria Limit and so on. 

Why is the VTU business profitable in Nigeria? 

SMEs in Africa are becoming innovative as consumers are growing more impatient and looking for faster more efficient ways to carry out transactions. In Nigeria, VTU businesses have now sprung up with various VTU websites. Here are a few reasons you should consider starting up one here in Nigeria:

  1. Increased demand: People prefer this method because VTU platforms are flexible and allow you to recharge lower than 100 naira which you can’t get with print recharge cards. It can also be carried out from your home or any location. 
  2. Convenience: You can run your VTU business from any location and do not have to meet your clients in person. 
  3. Capital: Guess what? You can start your own VTU business for as low as 1000 naira.

As a vendor, you get a commission of 3% or 5% on every recharge! Imagine how much you will make in a month. 

What do you need to get started?

List of VTU Websites in Nigeria
You need an internet-enabled device
  • An internet enabled device: You will need a smartphone that is internet enabled. You will also need to subscribe to internet services with any of the service providers in the country. 
  • An instant messaging platform: Platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter will be needed to attend to your clients virtually.
  • Capital: Less than N1000.
  • A physical shop: This is optional. Having a physical store builds trust with your clients because they know they can locate you if there are any glitches in your services. 

Now that we know what VTU business is all about, I will show you a list of 20 VTU websites that are completely easy to use and will get you started.

  1. RAGP– Recharge and Get Paid
  3. MobileMila
  5. VTUTOPUPbox
  6. VTU Place 
  7. AllVtuAirtime
  8. VTUking
  9. Sonaija
  10.  MobileAirtimeNG
  11. VtuDatazone
  13.  MyVtu
  14.  VTU Arena 
  15.  Bolt Recharge
  17.   DataStack
  18.   Instant Mobile
  19.  Cyber VTU
  20.  Zaayon Mobile

So yes, there you have it! Click on the links of any of the VTU websites and get started now! You can also check out our article on 7 steps to starting a VTU business in Nigeria. 

Do you have questions or suggestions on SMEs in Africa? Kindly drop them in the comments section below! 

Shannon Okubor
Shannon Okubor
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  1. Somtee

    Nice article, but you left out which is one of the biggest and best VTU websites in Nigeria.

    Check it out and update your post.

    January 27, 2021 Reply
  2. Ezekiel

    You forgot to add jumia one which you recommend in your previous post

    March 1, 2021 Reply
  3. Charles

    How do i calculate for the number of PIN copies i want to buy.?
    Say 20copies.

    May 20, 2021 Reply
  4. James

    You can’t mention cheapest vtu platform in Nigeria and do not mention

    Well, for those reading this.

    Here is a tutorial on how to convert airtime like glo,mtn, airtel airtime to cash

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