10 Startup Ideas For Nigerians


Many Nigerians today desire to start profitable businesses; however, a lot of people struggle with finding the right startup ideas. Having a small or medium enterprise in Nigeria is not a herculean task; below startup ideas in Nigeria to aid you in having a business of your own:

1.   Mini Importation

Mini importation is one of the most relevant startup ideas in Nigeria. It is becoming increasingly popular. Do not let the number of people that are already in this line of business deter you because the market is large enough for everybody. The use of internet has redefined trade and commerce. Ecommerce sites like AliExpress and Alibaba have made importation less stressful. Now you can go on these sites see the goods available, get a procurement agent to purchase these items, pay for the selected items and have them shipped down to you here in Nigeria. This business is lucrative with a wide range of options, and you can decide to sell anything from cooking items to baby things, shoes, bags, men’s wear, amongst others. 

2. Logistics Business

This involves aiding people to move items from one place to another. It is popularly known as providing dispatch riders. With the world tilting towards online businesses and not necessarily having physical locations, people now use dispatch riders to deliver goods from one point to the other. This has now become a necessity in our day to day life. All that is required is a motorcycle or two; the demand for this service is exceptionally high.

3. Cloth Designing and Tailoring

This business is evergreen because clothing would always be a necessity to people; this is a startup idea you want to consider closely. You can start sewing personally or design for tailors to make the clothes. 

4. Cake and Pastry Business

This business idea continues to evolve as new developments pop up in the cake business every day. To get started in this startup, you need to know how to bake and be creative about it. The materials required can be bought gradually while you learn, and in no time, you can begin to make money from it.

5. Dropshipping

This is a hot cake considering that little, or no capital is required to start this business. However, you need a smartphone or laptop with internet access to put up goods on social media. You get orders from peoples then contact suppliers who have the items and deliver them to your customers and most importantly, make your profit. See our article How to start your dropshipping business in Nigeria.

6. Social Media Marketing

Most forward-looking companies have a social media presence and take it seriously. It creates a growing need for people with social media marketing and development skills. To venture into this business, you need to get acquainted with how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online forum work. There are some tricks you must learn to start up this business. 

7. Food Business

Ever heard of the saying “Food business is good business”, food is the most consumed product in the world. The profit margin is also very high. People who do thrive in this sphere either have a passion for cooking or are good administrators and can manage those who can. No matter how small you start in the food business, it is still a profitable venture. This business is labour intensive but very rewarding.

8. Web Design Business

Web designing is fast becoming one of the most sought after skill globally. To start this business, you need to know how to design professional websites, create web graphics, build web pages and upload web pages to the server. All these can be learnt on YouTube and even online learning platforms like Udemy. Everyone needs a website to promote their brand or business, and this is why web design is a good startup idea.

9. Cosmetic Production Business

This business requires a broad knowledge of the subject. You can produce soaps, cream, oils and all-round beauty products. It is essential to do proper research and make good products for you to have loyal customers who can attest to the efficacy of your work. That is how you build your customer base.

10. Farming

Farming remains a very lucrative source of income. You can start small and later upscale your business. There are different forms of farming businesses to venture into, such as fish farming, livestock farming, food production, amongst others. You need a good piece of land or simply create space in your compound and start from there. Finally, to address all the questions on which startup idea suits you best out other articles at SME360. Become a business owner today utilising all the available resources, including the information in this article. For more relevant ideas, see Top business opportunities to explore post COVID-19.

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