17 Business Ideas in the Nigerian Beauty Sector


Beauty has to do with a combination of qualities such as shape, form, a colour that please the sight. Now, knowing that any business will thrive as long as people have their needs/wants satisfied through it; there are many businesses related to beauty which when delved into will bring results.

This article is focused on this subject and below are a number of business ideas under this sector.

1. Wig making and selling

The truth is wigs are really important to the majority of women irrespective of their age because it is a way out of frequent hair appointments and it’s easy to wear.  Also, a nice wig is suitable for various events. Therefore, having a business of your own where you turn weaves into wigs and then sell is definitely going to thrive.

2. Makeup artist business

Every now and then, people have events to go to and most times, need help with beauty enhancement. There is hardly a time where people don’t have weddings, birthday celebrations, anniversaries of all sorts to attend and a makeup artist is always a necessity for most people.  Venturing into such business if you have the skill is profitable.

3. Manicure and Pedicure services

This is a business that is useful to both genders. Our nails (finger and toe) are part of our appearance and so grooming them periodically is very important. Hence, it is a beauty business that can be run in Nigeria and won’t fail.

4. Hair dressing business

This is very important to both men and women because the hair needs dressing periodically to keep up a beautiful and neat appearance. This business can be focused on barbing men’s hair or plaiting women’s hair. Nowadays, having a saloon is not a necessity as long as you do a good job, get referrals and do good publicity. 

5. Skin care product business

This particular business is thriving so much today because people are really ready to spend to make their skin look beautiful. Therefore, if you are a skincare product seller, you will definitely not run out of business as long as the products you sell work and bring the desired results.

6. Fitness center

Having a fitness center such as a gymnasium is a very good business to go into because bodily exercise not only is profitable for the health but in the long run leaves people looking attractive and fit. They have to do monthly, weekly or daily registrations to use your facility. It is capital intensive as most of the equipment required is expensive but bears good fruit eventually. This business is location-sensitive, so if you are considering going into this line of business you should look out for the perfect location before starting out. 

7. Blogging

If you are good at writing and also very knowledgeable on beauty tips, then you can start expressing such expertise on a blog. Trust me, once you put out consistent relatable and profitable information about beauty care and navigate your way through to gain traffic to your blog so people can read it, then you will make much money from the comfort of your home.

8. Anti-aging business

The fact is no one no matter how old they are would like it to be seen through wrinkles on their skin. Therefore, people who are advanced in age would not mind getting skincare products to battle wrinkles and every other aging effect on their skin. Hence, going into a business that supplies these products is a lucrative idea.

9. Cosmetic marketing

If you are good at marketing, then you can venture into being a cosmetic retailer. Various kinds of cosmetics are available nowadays. So anyone you choose to deal with is good and profitable business.

10. Homemade beauty care products:

This involves making natural or herbal cosmetic products with the use of only natural or herbal ingredients. Such a business gives you more time to work from home and to build your own products.

11. Training centers

If you are skilled in any beauty care activity such as makeup, homemade beauty products or hairdressing, then you can organize a program where you train others who want to learn and then you get paid for your knowledge on the topic. 

12. Hair removal services

This is a good beauty business idea because people of both genders love that the only place they have hair on is their head. So, hairs on other parts of the body are removed to improve their appearance

13. Massage services

Massages are very useful to the body in that they revitalize body cells which improve a person’s overall appearance. Hence, if you think it’s something you can pull off, then it’s a good business idea.

14. Spa business

Although, getting this established would require considerably high funds, however, it is highly profitable in the long run because a spa service not only relaxes the body but also nourishes it. See more 

15. Beauty consultant

The good part of this business is that you can either do it online or physically. You basically have to be highly knowledgeable in beauty care to thrive in the business.

16. Jewelry sale

The truth remains that jewellery is a great beauty enhancer and many times, women and even men keep acquiring more and more of it to suit various purposes. Therefore, if you are a good marketer and have some quality jewellery, the business will be profitable for you.

17. Weight loss center

Sizes are definitely about 70% of appearances and so having a weight loss center where people who have problems with their weight can come to and get it resolved is definitely a good business idea. To start this you need a very proper business plan.

Going into this industry is a very lucrative idea considering how self-conscious both men and women have become now. People are more interested in keeping fit, health and always looking good. Pick a business in this sector today and see how profitable it can be. You would be dealing with people on a very personal level so you need to also see our article 5 Tips to help you provide great customer service as a business owner.

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