5 Tips to Help You Provide Great Customer Service as a Business Owner


People talk about many ways to make a sale but not a lot about keeping a customer. Getting an individual to patronize you once most times can sometimes be a struggle.

I must say that a faithful customer is an assurance of income for every business owner. In this article, I would be showing you some tips on how to provide great customer service.

The experience you provide a customer with would either chase them away or make them come back. Customer service is the lifeblood of every good business. Good customer service is all about making that customer come back. Below are 5 tips to enable your customer service more effective:

Listen to your customer

This is where a lot of business owners do poorly. We sometimes want to do what we have in mind and not what our customer wants. Some customers are very vocal while some are withdrawn; you need to learn to understand body language as well. Everyone wants an environment where they are listened to and given attention. Human beings generally will always differ, so try to listen to that customer before going ahead to do as you please.

Put a smile on your face and be friendly

I am aware of how tough the country is right now but if you intend to keep that customer you would wear a smile. Be the first to greet if you encounter a customer, offer assistance if they are in any way encumbered. Compliment them and most especially attempt to start relatable conversations. I can assure you that with such a conducive atmosphere that customer would definitely want to see you again.

Don’t make promises you cannot fulfill

This is a very important tip. Principled people are turned off with disappointments, so do not be that vendor who says he can deliver in one day and delivers in five days. It gives a long lasting impression of unreliability which ends the relationship automatically.

 Deal carefully with complaints

When a customer comes around to complain about your service or product, be courteous in your explanations and try not to be overly defensive. Apologize severally and make efforts to attend to that complaint. These kinds of customers are important, considering the effort used in complaining. He could as well have written you off. Watch out for such customers and hold them tight, they complained because they believe you can do better.

 Go the extra mile

Everyone appreciates effort just like that your customer. To make them stay back they should be able to perceive how much you are willing to satisfy their needs. If they ask for a glass of water get a bottle if they want to see your products always make them available.

I believe these tips are straight forward and easy to apply. I hope you enjoyed your read.  Good customer service is good business.

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