10 Steps to Scaling Your Small Business in Nigeria


Growing a small business in Nigeria can be a heinous task some times. It is a process, and missing a step can mar the future of such business. Scaling a small business requires a lot of work and dedication on the part of the business owner.

To avoid failure over some time as a small business owner, you have to put in all the work and strategies required to make such business succeed.

Here are tips for scaling your small business in Nigeria:

  1. Think big

Now that’s a phrase you might have heard several times as one running a small business in Nigeria. As much as the saying is famous, it is often underestimated. Being a small business owner should in no way limit your thinking and creativity. 

While trying to grow your small business, you should also have and see a bigger picture in mind which you can run with always.

  1. Start with an end in mind

When starting something new, it is easy to become so engrossed with the idea. While this isn’t a bad thing, care should be taken to map out a plan first before jumping to start the business.

Running a small business in Nigeria requires adequate planning. What goal do you have for your business? What purpose do you want to serve? Who are your target customers? 

These and many more are questions you should weigh carefully before launching your small business. Having an end in mind which you are working towards helps you stay right on track.

  1. Make customers satisfaction your priority.

Establishing a great relationship with your customers should be top on your priority list. Customers satisfaction goes beyond providing services; it is taking a step further to build a relationship with them.

When your customers can trust and feel safe with you, it helps your business boom faster. Not only that, but it also enables you to study the market you are dealing with more. 

The more you know and understand your target audience, the more your business is open for growth.

  1. Division of labour is paramount

No man is an island, and this applies when building a business. Running a small business in Nigeria might mean being low on finances for starters; however, you can’t possibly run everything on your own.

The more hands you have on deck, the more efficiently things get done. Running a small business with staff often means having less profit to fall back on. Regardless, it would help if you put the business first before the money.

  1. Build a brand reputation

It is so easy and tempting to focus on selling your products or services that you forget the place of reputation. There are so many businesses already providing the same service you are offering; the question now is why customers would choose you over them?

This is why it is essential to build a lasting reputation for your brand; an excellent reputation means customers can trust you when it comes to meeting their needs.

One right way to build your brand reputation is to think like your customers. Put yourself in their shoes and try seeing things from their perspective. This means taking it more personal and going beyond mere buying and selling.

  1. Study existing businesses

There isn’t anything new under the sun. What this means is there is someone, or there are people out there already involved in the same business type. They started as small business owners but have managed to build their business over time.

Studying these businesses will help you gain a clearer perspective; not only that, it also saves you the stress of making the same mistakes they have passed through and conquered. Besides, the progress of your business is accelerated.

  1. Maintain your business values

Over time, your small business will experience growth as long as you put in enough work. Now once this growth occurs, several things will demand or your attention.

It is easy to get carried away in the midst of all these and forget your business values, but care must be taken.

While your business is experiencing growth, protecting your business values is paramount. This helps you regain the trust of your customers.

  1. Keep your team members motivated.

Running a small business in Nigeria will thrive better when you create an enabling environment for your team members. These are people that will determine how far your business goes.

Asides working for you and meeting deadlines, you should ensure your team members are well motivated. You should also recognize those doing well and reward them accordingly.

  1. Seek the help of experts when necessary

For the best outcome, it is vital to seek help in your areas of shortcoming. An expert knows how well to handle the problem at hand; it is advisable to outsource such task as recruiting might be too expensive.

Outsourcing also grants you more time to focus on other things; this ensures you don’t get all worked out while juggling different activities at once.

  1. Foresee challenges and tackle them beforehand

Making plans for your small business in Nigeria includes predicting possible barriers that can be a hindrance. Find out the potential challenges that may arise and plan a solution ahead of time.

Doing this ahead of time saves you from unnecessary pressure when these issues raise their ugly heads in future.

An easy way to foresee possible future challenges is by studying the pattern of business owners who have trodden the same path. This helps you explore not only their past problems but also solutions they adopted to overcome them.

Running a small business in Nigeria comes with its ups and downs. However, adopting the right measures can save your business from joining the list of failed businesses. 

With hard work, consistency, and putting the aforementioned into practice, your small business is on its way to experiencing the growth it requires.

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