20 Businesses You Can Start With Little or No Capital


“Lazy Nigerian youths”, this phrase was taken in very bad taste by the youths in Nigeria last year. They argued vehemently insisting that it was the lack of job opportunities, lack of empowerment, corruption etc. I am a Nigerian youth as well and I empathize with you on the situation of our country. However, we must look for alternatives before referring to Nigeria as a dream-stealer and dream-killer. Before you make these bitter statements first consider if there is a possibility to start off on your own, if yes, you can then begin to source for capital. When capital is not forthcoming, you will then read this article very attentively and see that there are so many businesses you can start with little or no CAPITAL!!!

Here are some businesses you can start with little capital:

1. GRAPHIC DESIGNING: These days graphic designing has become a very lucrative skill as all businesses are seeking to have their space on social media. Therefore needing graphic designers to come up with concepts that pass a firm message and represent their brand appropriately. With a good eye for aesthetics and an android phone, you are good to go.  Apps such as Canva, adobe spark post, infinite design, sketchbook, adobe photoshop etc. can be of benefit to you to get started.

2. YOUTUBE VLOGGING OR VIDEO PRODUCTION: Under this, you could both start your own Youtube channel or become a video editor. Equipping you with the necessary tools to edit vlogs, create music videos or adverts. Either of this can be done with little or no capital and is in very high demand today. 

3. DAYCARE CENTRE: This business requires a spacious house and a passion for children. With a little advertisement, you should have some customers in no time. Working-class could offer a B2B business where you can handle various tasks for clients online as a virtual assistant.

5. EBOOK AUTHOR: This I must say is the rave of the moment. Now you can write books and publish on various reading applications such as Okadabooks. On a monthly basis, you are paid the proceeds from the sale of your books. A lot of people enjoy reading soft copies and these apps give them that opportunity. This you can do without paying for print and design. If there is any subject you have vast knowledge or fictional work. 

6. FREELANCE WRITING: You could get acquainted with applications such as Fiverr and Outlook where you can get writing jobs from people all over the world. With writing skills of any sort freelance writing is an option to consider.

7. BLOGGER: This is one of the easiest things to do. You could start a blog on anything and find your niche. This would eventually become lucrative when you are able to gather some crowd on your blog. 

8. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER: You can build a business by managing social media accounts for other businesses or personal accounts.

9. PODCASTER: Popularly known as online radio, is a way you can put up audio content for the consumption of the public. It works like any other online platform and begins to bear fruit when you begin to have a large audience and advertisers. Apps for this include Mixlr, Anchor, etc. 

10. ERRAND SERVICES: This involves creating a platform where you run errand either directly or indirectly for people. You could collect groceries, buy items, and deliver things as well on behalf of your clients.  

11. BUSINESS CONSULTANT: If you are a business-savvy entrepreneur already, you can start your own consulting business and simply communicate with your clients via email or Skype.

12. DELIVERY SERVICES: With just a bike rider’s contact you can start your own delivery service. Collecting items from one place and delivering it to another. Sharing the proceeds with your bike rider. 

13. WEB DESIGNER: In this case, you could use some free open source tools to offer web design services. This is one of the highest paying skills of the 21st century. This is a business you should definitely consider if you can. 

14. SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER: With a good following on social media and a voice in any sector at all. Smaller brands begin to offer money in exchange for promotion and advertisements. To start this business you must be consistent in posting content on social media, not just content anyways, reasonable content.

15. TUTOR: Both children and adults alike could need tutors in various subjects of study. From common entrance candidates to POST UTME candidates everyone is in need of some extra lessons. Children of different ages have subjects that they could need some extra work done on. I believe certainly there is something you can teach or you know a lot about. If you have anything at all then you are good to go.

16. PERSONAL TRAINER: This is a person who helps with weight loss and fitness programs. You can use your home or any place suitable for your purpose, get your clients ready, well-kitted and train away!!! Your customers can range from new mothers to young adults, overweight adults etc. whichever way this is a business that only requires your physical involvement and emotional intelligence.

17. MUSIC COACH: This goes as far as teaching musical instructors as well. With knowledge of music even just vocals your music skills would be beneficial to someone else. 

18. LIFE COACH: This is for people who can give listening ears. Do not consider this if you are short-tempered, temperance is required here. People have issues and would always look for someone to talk to. You could be that person and put up heart-lifting posts, give encouragement and organise conferences where you answer these questions. 

19. RESUME WRITER: Creating a platform where you can put together a very impressive resume for job seekers would be very lucrative. So many people experience difficulty in putting their resume together and would path with whatever cost you attach as long as you can assure them of a resume that would truly impress their employers.

20. EDITORIAL SERVICES: Simply editing articles and write-ups on behalf of students, freelancers and professionals is a business you only need the skill to start. No capital required just a good command of English; lexis, structure, punctuations and tenses. 

There you have it, 20 businesses you can start with little or no capital. Gone are the days that we spend waiting on the government. It is time to use the resources within your reach to start something lucrative today!!!

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