10 Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Mums in Nigeria

10 Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Mums in Nigeria

May 14, 2020 1

The traditional stay at home mum is one who takes care of the children, does the house chores, puts the house in order and attends to every family need. If you by any means think this is an easy job you need to try it for a week and see how tasking it can be. The most dreaded statement for stay at home moms can be ‘so what do you do?’ While I am strongly of the opinion that being a stay at home mum is tedious enough I also know extra money never hurt anybody.

Most women tend to downplay the possibilities of still doing something financially profitable from home. I need you to first understand that a lot of people quit their jobs to establish businesses and have to work from home. Yes, your hands are full but I can assure you that one or two of the below-listed business ideas is worth trying out.


The big names in event planning in Nigeria such as Zapphire events and Elizabeth R did not always have an office. This is a business you can easily start by having the right contacts and knowing a few things about organization. There are 1001 materials to utilize online to make this business a reality. If you have a passion for ‘owambe’ then this is for you. Instead of always attending these functions, plan them and make money out of them. It is an industry that thrives majorly on referrals. Any opportunity you get even if it is a child’s 5th birthday do it well and make the most of each opportunity.


This is a business opportunity that affords you the chance to make money while spending so much time with your children and other people’s children. The only hitch I see in this is dependent on the kind of accommodation you have. Asides this a good understanding with your husband would make this much easier to set up. A day care centre can easily grow to the point where you need more space and have to get a place for the business itself. Many career moms need your help with this. It would surprise you how much mothers would pay to get their kids away for some hours especially if they trust you.


 Being a good writer and having a good flow grammatically is all you need to become a freelance writer. You can write for blogs or publications and get paid for your skill. Why this is an easy one to set up is because once you have a laptop, good internet and your skill you are good to go. This is a business you can enjoy doing if you truly are passionate about writing.


E-commerce is presently the most effective method of selling as it has removed the time factor from everything. People now know they can buy whatever they want without necessarily coming to a shop or having to come in contact with someone in particular. You as a stay at home mom would definitely want to consider this because you need not leave your children to engage in this kind of business. There are simplified ways of importing goods or getting them from suppliers nowadays making this business idea perfect for you. What you should sell? That is definitely up to you.


As a beautician, you can learn to make soaps using natural products. You could even decide to diversify into areas like cream making and makeup artistry. Being a make-up artist and training others is now considered one of the fastest ways of making money at home nowadays.

Skincare industry has been described as one of the fastest-growing business sectors. So many things are available to you in the surroundings that can help enable you to start this skincare business. Make-up artistry is something that can be learnt online and by taking a few classes then building on it.


Blogging is certainly a profitable enterprise if you put the time and creativity needed for it to bear good fruit. Everyone can be creative, I repeat, everyone can be creative! It just depends on the effort you put into connecting ideas. If you are able to generate enough traffic you will then be able to make money from this blog.


This is a very easy thing to do from home. All you need to do is put up a poster informing people in your community that you provide this service. Being one of the most sort after commodities now, it would certainly grow if managed appropriately.


You could begin taking other children classes on various subjects especially if you enjoy teaching. This business idea requires close to no capital and would give you an easy way to make money. You just need to create an environment where learning is possible and voila! You have a tutorial centre. Please note that it will not be nice to teach on subjects you know nothing about. Do not misinform people’s children.


We know that in our beloved country, Nigeria every event needs a cake. Be it a wedding, birthday party, send forth, reunion, welcome home party, every event is almost incomplete without a cake. You could also make snacks and confectioneries. The capital you need is nothing compared to the profit you would make. All you need is a functional oven!


Making a product can be anything really it just depends on your skill and interest. Things like liquid soap and air fresheners are good for sale. You can also make clothes for people. Being a tailor is a good option if you have a passion for fashion. A lot of times tailors do not need a shop because they can work from the comfort of their homes.

So you see stay at home mum, there are so many things you can do from the comfort of your homes. A little extra money would do a lot of good in the running of your home. All your dreams of building a stable financial life can still be achieved. So many ideas to choose from, take your pick. 

Ilashe Otuogbai
Ilashe Otuogbai
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