Why Business Communication is Critical to Your Business Success


In treating this topic we must begin by doing a proper analysis of the words business communication. Business communication involves a constant flow of information within and outside a company. It is known to differ from other forms of communication because it is clear, brief, practical, target-oriented, persuasive and it is aimed at making a profit for the organization.

buiness communication

Succeeding businesses today thrive because of a proper structure put in a place for communication. Just as they say “no relationship can work without good communication” same applies in a business environment. Employer to employees, supplier to customers, all these relationships thrive on communication.

It has been said that, “The success of a business enterprise depends largely upon good communication. Effective communication wipes out the hindrances in achieving the target of a business enterprise.”

Unlike our day-to-day communication business communication is always goal-oriented. Below are some reasons why the success of your business is largely hinged on your business communication strength:

1. INCREASES EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY: One of the main objectives of business communication is to increase employee productivity. Where there is a good network of communication the organization can be managed efficiently and effectively hereby resulting in employees productivity. Business communication, unlike normal communication, is usually clear and brief and target-oriented as before mentioned. Relevant information is passed at the appropriate time would curb errors and misinformation. Almost all employees believe that effective internal business communications help their job performance.  

An average employee spends 2.5 hours every day searching for information needed to be productive. In a month it would amount to a week of searching when they could have been using this information.

2. BRANDING: Communication is an ever-present activity and without it, an organisation cannot exist. In creating and maintaining a brand, communication is key. You want to communicate your brand to the outside world to buy them in and you want to communicate it to your employees so they can uphold it. Business communication outside your organization gives you the opportunity to create how you want to be seen by the public eye. It is one of the many ingredients needed in brand creation. Dear business owner, you certainly do not want to have an unbranded organization or one where no one actually gets your vision, your struggles would be endless. Therefore, in ascertaining that this feat is achieved you need not fret but COMMUNICATE.

3. IMPROVES KNOWLEDGE SHARING: With a free flow of information from every department in a business, there is an ease in operation just like when there is a free flow of blood to every part of the body. I will assume we all have a little knowledge of biology and therefore understand the importance of a good circulatory system. No business owner knows it all therefore in the art of business communication so much can be enhanced and discovered. Sharing of knowledge internally improves the quality of whatever you do and whoever you work with. So there are figures, estimates, examples, procedural templates made available to all and sundry making them more productive as a result of effective business communication.

4. RESOURCE UTILISATION: Business communication is one way everyone in an organization knows what is available and what is not. When resources are limited proper business communication is what is needed so that it can be utilized properly. To keep track of what is used, bought, exhausted, sold etc in a business is only possible by effective business communication. For instance, if equipment goes bad it takes effective communication to alert everyone so the available resources are utilized in the main time. I know you get my point, right?

5. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Having a good command of English cannot guaranty customer satisfaction in these times where everyone can speak English. Knowing what the customer wants, how the customer wants it and what value you add by making these goods or service available is the technical know-how to satisfying that customer. If there’s poor communication within an organization two things happen when it comes to customer service and satisfaction.

First, employees in customer facing roles won’t have information they need. Second, customers will sense the low employee morale and have a negative experience. Studies have shown that employee attitude has a significant impact on customer satisfaction, which then results in a decrease in revenue.   

6. UPWARD ACCESSIBILITY: Communication does not only mean a downward movement from superior to subordinates it implies both transmission and reception. Business communication should also involve creating an avenue through which those on the lower levels of hierarchy can pass information to those above them. Systems like taking appraisals, submitting reports, having meetings from time to time that allows employees to air their views and make complaints. Managers should be accessible to their employees if not things would definitely go wrong. Business communication should be two-way traffic.

A leader can lead and a manager can direct effectively by establishing a perfect understanding with subordinates, peers and superiors. Everyone in such an environment would have a mutual understanding on their aims and objectives as an organization.

This article was aimed at making you see reasons why business communication should be better developed or given more attention in your organization. The earlier you begin to implement this, the better for your business. You and I know that this is very good advice. See more of our articles and get more relevant information for your business.

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