Safety Tips for Business Owners While Navigating the Online Scene

Safety Tips for Business Owners While Navigating the Online Scene

May 1, 2020 0

I believe that before we can begin to give safety tips we must at least have an understanding of the topic in question. The online scene for the purpose of this article refers to social media and internet. Businesses now thrive online and as a business owner who plans to delve into this online market you must know that everything has its pros and cons.

You must look out for certain things to ensure a safe sailing on this sea. Social media truly is as broad as the sea everything goes in and it never forgets. You need to be careful because unlike paper records which you can get rid of, you cannot really do away with information about your business online. What seems like a blessing can be a curse if managed poorly. Businesses have died due to poor social media management. Below are some safety tips you could observe


This is an avenue whereby business owners can keep their employees under check as regards activities online. Social media policies would curb employees from doing things like releasing information that could harm the firm’s reputation, help a competitor or even give a wrong impression of them altogether.   

Social media policies need to address both in-office and personal use because personal social media platforms of employees can still be linked to businesses. They can have policies as to what can and cannot be discussed on social media during off-hours.


This is exactly what some people want to achieve so it is important you do not give it to them. These arguments would be visible to all your prospective customers and you do not want that kind of negative publicity. I know they say any kind of publicity is good but trust me for an upcoming brand you do not need that kind of attention.


This is a very tricky one, many customers are impatient and would take it to your social media platform once there is a default on your part. It is important you give prompt and reasonable responses and avoid sounding offended or angry. You should actually respond quickly to all messages on your business accounts so you are not tagged as incompetent or dormant. Be that proactive business account that everyone refers to. It would give you an edge.


It is not advisable of anyone in this day and age to use their date of birth name or very obvious information as passwords on any platform. Hackers exist who would get into your account without your password how much more when your password is weak and it can easily be guessed. Dear business owner, be wise. Do not fall a victim.


Nearly all social media platforms have settings available to users for safety purposes. There are certain people categorized as unfriendly followers, who are not interested in the progress of your business or in even being a customer but are keen on trolling you or even painting you in a bad light. The only reason such people follow you is to have access to your information. Beware of these people, use your settings properly and make sure you know how to block them.

Stay safe on social media and read up articles such as this so you remain guarded as a social media using business owner. The online scene is definitely a place to be in the business world of this century but you want to take the right steps to avoid regretting this decision.

Ilashe Otuogbai
Ilashe Otuogbai
Ilashe Otuogbai
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