7 Digital Products Business Owners Can Sell

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Digital products are fast becoming the in-thing in our world today. More people in this generation would rather have a file or book on their devices than have it in hard copy. Almost everything is fast-moving our tangible space and finding locations on the net. This is why as a wise business owner it is paramount that you evolve as the society evolves.

The advantages of this market are endless, as a business owner online sales could provide a supplementary income in addition to the mainstream of income you already have. There are a litany of benefits you can get from selling digital products; you don’t worry about logistics, they’re infinitely scalable see blog.sellfy.com

 These are some digital products you can sell:

1. E-BOOKS: this remains one of the most popular digital products out there. They are simple to produce and require little more than the regular written text, with just a few relevant images. They can be distributed via self-made online stores and large online markets. They are easily consumed by customers who can read on e-readers, tablets even mobile phones. With e-books, you can share virtually anything you want or curate existing content with an e-book to then sell online.

2. VIDEO: This is a popular and easy way of passing information. As a business owner, you can educate people on what exactly you do and give your expertise on the subject. This would help create a network of followers who can be converted to customers. Selling a digital product such as videos would go a long way in creating awareness. It is not by chance that video will account for 709% of global internet traffic in 2020.it is in high demand, attaches visuals to the learning process and is not so expensive, these and more are reasons you should consider selling this digital product.

3. WEB-BASED APPLICATIONS: These are just like software but cannot be downloaded from the web. Instead, they contain anything customers pay to use within a web browser called SaaS (Software as a service) businesses, they are not digital products in the truest sense but can be sold and perceived similarly. It can also be a source of revenue for business owners.

4. AUDIO: Due to the ability to store and send audio digitally through Mp3 and other formats, were able to sell audio content online. There’s a big market for audio online because it is easily accessible. With little experience in music, you can do a great deal with selling audio online. Things like songs, beats, voice-over, classes etc can be sold via this medium. You can also start a podcast around your business.

5 DESIGN: Many online businesses require a strong visual identity and this is where you come in. you creative and talented graphic guy, this is your chance to make money from your craft. Design is in very high demand because no one has a physical presence online, your dress sense doesn’t count when doing business online; your presentation boils down to your design. This is the product to sell in these times. Examples are posters, wallpapers, logo design, animations etc

6. COURSES: This is an opportunity to monetize the knowledge you have. Over the years as a business owner in any field, you gained knowledge and expertise which you have applied in your business. Selling courses online is a way to put that knowledge to use. To get something out of your many investments in yourself. Every field is relevant, I repeat every field is relevant. Wherever you are there is someone who wants to get there.

7. SOFTWARE: This industry is enormous and growing steadily. Any ability to write code can result in new and useful products. It could be desktop software, website templates or anything at all. You could start earning earlier and faster than you imagined from this avenue. As a business owner, you could code and sell software for your business or as a business. The choice is yours.

In 2020 we at SME 360 advise that you are not left behind in this rapidly evolving economy. Many of our conventional products and even sales methods are becoming obsolete. Think, evolve and advance!

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