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13th April, 2021
2 mins

Legitimate Online Business Ideas that Pay Daily

Keeping up with life’s demands on a single source of income is almost impossible in Africa, especi

12th April, 2021
2 mins

How To Setup An Online Clothing Store For Free

As an SME in Africa, venturing into the fashion business is only one piece of the puzzle. Another pi

8th April, 2021
2 mins

Africa, SME & Manufacturing: Importance Of Exports To Other African Countries

Exports and manufacturing in Africa over the years has increased the opportunities for SMEs in Afric


6th April, 2021
2 mins

How to use Twitter as a small business

The real question before we begin is to ask yourselves if you need any social media, let alone Twitt

29th March, 2021
2 mins

Growing your business through personal branding marketing

One way to grow your business is through personal brand marketing. People only sold within the envir

20th March, 2021
2 mins

10 Networking Tips For Newbie Entrepreneurs

Are you new in the business world and looking for networking tips? This post was written to help you


15th March, 2021
2 mins

Basic Finance Terms Every Business Owner Should Be Familiar With

As an owner of an SME in Africa, how many finance terms do you know? Owning a business is not a one-

5th March, 2021
2 mins

Essential Financial Habits You should have as an SME Owner

Every business owner must display certain financial habits for their business to succeed. Leaders ha

Why Having an Emergency Fund is Crucial for SME Owners
4th March, 2021
2 mins

Why Having an Emergency Fund is Crucial for SME Owners

Most business owners do not consider emergency funds to be important. Research has shown that 20% of