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11th June, 2021
2 mins

Four Things To Look Out For In Your Business Team

Are you planning on setting up a business team? As a business owner, running a business alone can be

10th June, 2021
2 mins

10 realistic ways to make money online in Africa

Making money online has been on the rise since the start of the global pandemic. You can now sit fro

9th June, 2021
2 mins

8 Most Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas to Start in Nigeria

With several profitable agricultural business ideas out there, agriculture remains one of the most f


3rd June, 2021
2 mins

Four Major Marketing Challenges Faced by SMEs and Tips for Thriving

SMEs in Africa face several marketing challenges. This is because many entrepreneurs and small busin

1st June, 2021
2 mins

Content redistribution strategy for your business

According to a SEMrush poll, the biggest challenge of small businesses is cash flow. As a consultant

26th May, 2021
2 mins

Reasons Why SMEs in Africa Needs Marketing

If you’re starting a small business, a significant factor in its success is your marketing. Ac


24th May, 2021
2 mins

6 ways Africa small businesses can access grant 2021

Businesses, irrespective of their scales, need adequate funding to thrive. The sad part, however, is

21st May, 2021
2 mins

5 Things You Should Know About Debt Relief

Debt relief and the credit system are still very tricky. Unlike in Nigeria, the average American cit

3rd May, 2021
2 mins

Consequences of bad bookkeeping in a business

One of the challenges businesses face is bad bookkeeping. Bookkeeping includes the processes of reco