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Equity Financing Options For Small Business

Kalu Aja Cash is the lifeblood of any business, especially a small business. A small business by definition is ‘small’ with limited capitalization and fewer options to raise cash to finance operations. It thus follows that cash

Unpaid Invoices: Small Business Killer

Temitope Adeyemo Cash is the blood of any enterprise. An enterprise that outflows cash more than it inflows will soon die. A bloated account receivable is entirely useless to a business if it cannot convert such to cash to run its day

Small Business, Big Logistics Problems

Anselem Kadiri No one expects to start a business on a rosy bed, believe me most Nigerians don't. But many of the challenges business owners have to tackle on a daily basis in order to survive are just unnecessary. Nigeria Has a

Meet Tunde Balogun: CEO, Rentsmallsmall

You may pass by the Chief Executive Officer of RentSmallSmall, Tunde Balogun, and not recognise him. But his creative mien and astute candour will undoubtedly make you steal a second glance. The journey of his vision was long cemented…

The Pan African Farmer: Rotimi Olawale

– Omoluabi John One of the Yoruba profound proverbs indicates thus, “Gbogbo igi ti elegbede ba fi owo ba, didun ni.’ The axiom, roughly translated, symbolises elegbede (chimpanzee) as imbued with Midas touch. With its coarse palms,…